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Before & After-School Martial Arts

After School
  • Are you looking for a before & after-care program where the children are NOT just sitting around unsupervised doing nothing?
  • Are you concerned about the lack of structure in traditional before & after-care programs?
  • Would you like your child to be in a trusted safe environment so you could feel guilt free while you’re at work?

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At United Martial Arts Centers in Ardsley we specialize in both BEFORE & AFTER SCHOOL Martial Arts Programs. UMAC provides a clean, healthy, safe and positive environment in which our Professional Instructors teach martial arts fitness classes developing qualities such as: respect, discipline, and confidence. Working parents could feel at ease knowing that their children are safe with positive people that care.

What are the Benefits of the UMAC BEFORE & AFTER SCHOOL Martial Arts Program?

  1. Trusted and caring staff: Our Certified Instructors take pride in sharing the positive values and philosophy of United Martial Arts Centers. Our staff is what we call “Home Grown” and have completed UMAC’s Martial Arts Character Development Leadership Training. They share the passion to make a positive impact on the students of UMAC.
  2. Safe, structured & positive environment: Your child’s safety is our number one focus. Our Certified Staff will be with your children either BEFORE SCHOOL starts, then TRANSPORT them to school, and/or will pick your child up AFTER SCHOOL at dismissal and TRANSPORT them back to our facility. We have weekly curriculum providing physical activities, character development themes, martial arts fitness classes and life skills worksheets & activates to keep the students active and engaged.
  3. Learn Martial Arts Values:
    1. Respect: Respect is the foundation of martial arts and UMAC is no different. Our students show respect by following the traditions of bowing and saying, "Thank you, Sir" in every class. In doing so, our students will take the appreciation and respect that they learn at UMAC to their homes, schools and communities.
    2. Discipline: The UMAC Program will help your child develop the self-control and discipline that will surely improve their academics as well as any other activity they are involved in. Our students have the self-control to make the right decisions even in tough situations.
    3. Confidence: UMAC students develop the confidence in themselves to accomplish anything they wish, in and out of the martial arts schools. We help shy, timid children who can’t even look you in the eye, develop the confidence to break through concrete at their black belt graduation. When children develop confidence at UMAC, they show confidence in school, home and activities which translates to a successful child in life.
  4. TaeKwonDo Martial Arts: UMAC provides our students with quality martial arts instruction that will give your children the skills to defend themselves, become “bullyproof,” and learn traditional martial arts skills, while getting physical exercise. The physical training allows your children to be physically active, get proper exercise and develop healthy habits. This will lead them to feel great about what they are doing and about themselves!
After School

After School

Why UMAC is Uncommon:

  1. Professional Martial Artists: The Masters of United Martial Arts Centers are full-time professional martial artists who train and teach for a living. It is our lifestyle, not something we do part-time. We wake up every morning filled with energy and passion to teach your children and help them with their martial arts education.
  2. The "UMAC Character Building Board": We utilize the "UMAC Character Building Board" in every class we teach to help reinforce the martial arts values. We ask the students, "What is important to a martial artist?" Students answer with values such as, "self-control," "respect," and "confidence." As the students demonstrate those values, they receive positive recognition by writing their names on the board so the rest of the class can see.
  3. UMAC Character Development Programs: At UMAC, we have an array of incentive programs, unique to our organization, to help our students take the UMAC values and bring them outside our centers. We have special incentive programs to encourage reading and improve responsibility along with accountability so the UMAC values can be brought to the student's home and school.
  4. Transportation Provided: We know how hard it is to get your children to and from activities before & after-school. He have the solution for you! We provide TRANSPORTATION TO and/or FROM SCHOOL.
    Part-Time (2 Days/Week) and Full-Time (3-5 Days/Week) available

    • Transportation from local Schools to UMAC
    • Martial Arts Related Games/Activities
    • TaeKwonDo Martial Arts Training
    • 6:00pm Parent/Guardian Pick-Up time
    • Half day Pick-ups
    • Full Day programs from 7:30am -6:00pm on most school holidays
    • Full Day Programs during Winter & Spring Recess
    • For more details about what each membership (Part-Time vs Full-Time) include please contact us
    Part-Time (2 Days/Week) and Full-Time (3-5 Days/Week) available

    • 7:15-7:30am Parent/Guardian Drop off at UMAC
    • 30 Minute TaeKwondo Martial Arts Training Before School
    • Transportation to the local Schools from UMAC
    • Discounted rates for Full-Day Programs, Winter & Spring Break Camps
    • For more details about what each membership (Part-Time vs Full-Time) include please contact us

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work with families to teach and guide our UMAC children to become respectful, confident, disciplined, members of the community. An added (and the most important) benefit is that our staff has the ability to reinforce the martial arts values outside of classes as well as in class. This makes UMAC’s After-School Martial Arts Program a one-of-a-kind experience for all families and students involved.

Hear what other parents have to say about UMAC’s Programs:

"My biggest concerns and challenges for finding a place would have been being able to trust the providers. Parents have a lot of guilt about having to put their kids in aftercare so feeling good about where they are and who they are with is key for me.

Also convenience was a big factor...UMAC’s hours complimented our working schedule.

I fully trust the staff and feel that my children are in a very positive, safe and healthy environment. UMAC has helped raise my children and I am so grateful for that. We also benefit from the convenience of having school pickup, their classes are covered during the time they are there and there is time for homework. All of these things allow us to juggle a very full schedule with very little stress."

– Aimee Miralles

"One of the biggest things that I looked for in an afterschool program was what hours the program is available for. My husband and I work at jobs where we end our day kind of late. The second thing that I looked for was a safe environment for our children. I also wanted a program where the kids can have some physical activity. I didn't want them stuck in the school cafeteria like the school's after school program.

One of the biggest benefits that we got from UMAC was the discipline and respect that our children have learned from being in the program. Another benefit is their physical fitness and overall general health. I examine many children for their annual check-ups and I see what can happen with children that have a sedentary lifestyle".

- Jen Bates

"As a working parent, my biggest concern finding a place where my children and I felt comfortable. An environment where children are respected for his/her individuality. Reasonably priced and close to home. Prior to enrolling both children at UMAC, I looked into other programs for not only before school care, but also after school care. I currently use another program for before care, but would not consider the program for after care as I do not agree with some of their philosophies.

Since both children have been with UMAC’s after school program, some of the benefits for us a family are: an environment where both children feel comfortable and safe, where they learn and understand respect, courtesy, confidence and a sense of self. Where their achievements are celebrated and obstacles are overcome. We still deal with the normal age issues for both, but the above makes it easier. The environment is the most important part for me; the ability for both children to learn martial arts is secondary. Both children have made some good friends at UMAC, probably children they would not have had to opportunity to meet under other circumstances. Meeting these children also provides a sense of comfort as a parent; I know that these children are learning the same tenets and philosophies as mine. In addition, UMAC’s after school staff has on more than one occasion held MY hand and wiped my tears. The Walters' family is proud and grateful to be part of your UMAC family."

– Nina Walters

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