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Respect · Discipline · Confidence in a "Feel Good" Environment

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Adult/Teen Martial Arts

  • Are you bored with the same old exercises or diets?
  • Are looking for an exciting workout, while increasing self defense skills?
  • Are looking for something "new, more, and different" in your life?

What are the Benefits of the UMAC Adult/Teen Program?

  1. Become Fit, Healthy, and Train Hard
  2. Increase Strength and Flexibility
  3. Release Stress: Taekwondo training takes concentration, taking our mind off of our everyday issues. Plus, there’s nothing like kicking and punching a heavy bag to release a little stress!
  4. Learn TaeKwonDo: UMAC provides our students with quality martial arts instruction that will gives us the skills to defend ourselves, and learn traditional martial arts while getting physical exercise.
  5. Our goal at UMAC is to develop Martial Arts Values:
    • Perseverance: Never give up when setting a goal, in school, work, sports, in life.
    • Self-Control: That we have enough control to make those tough decisions
    • Indomitable Spirit: Whatever we do, we do our best. Keeping a positive attitude.
    • Courtesy: Take the extra effort to show respect and appreciation.
    • Integrity: The choice to do the right thing, and live with high standards.
Adult Martial Arts

Adult Martial Arts

Why UMAC is Uncommon:

  1. Professional Martial Artists: The Masters are full-time martial artists at United Martial Arts Centers, where we train and teach for a living. It is our lifestyle, not something we do part-time. We wake up every morning filled with energy and passion to share with our families and help guide them on their martial arts journey.
  2. Feel Good Environment! At UMAC we are all working together to help each other improve, keeping a positive training atmosphere. Yes we have teen and adults training, but some of the greatest things we see are when parents and teens get into their own training together. There’s a certain bond created when striving towards common goals with your children. Just the fact that it gives you a way to relate to your child can be priceless!
  3. Training, Improving, and seeing Results! When you start to see results and improvement, the training becomes addictive. What you put into it, you get out of it! Through physical training, we gain the ability to strengthen and connect our mind, body, and spirit, which in turn leading to a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Results to expect from the Adult/Teen Martial Arts Program:

Get Fit and Healthy. Have Fun!

Develop Martial Arts skills & values that we can take into our everyday lives.

Strengthen and Connect Mind, Body and Spirit!

Release Stress and Feel Great!

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